On "5 Secrets to a Killer Pitch" by Josh Baer

One of the most important parts of this video in my opinion is that a pitch has to be easily memorable/summarizable and it has to be a story. Telling people a list of things is not only not special or memorable, it's flat out hard to remember a list. Lists are also not exciting or personally relatable. Telling a story gives conetxt for how your idea is useful, and it lets people relate to the character in your story, or maybe they even see themselves as that character. Part of delivering the pitch like a story involves having a well-woven-in ending, to hammer in the point and wrap everything together.

Josh Baer also talks about how the pitch should be easy to understand. Using simple terminology is sometimes difficult, as the video says, but figuring out how to simplify your pitch not only makes it easy for your audience to understand, but it makes it easy for them to explain it to their connections as well. If a client doesn't understand your pitch, how are they supposed to communicate your idea to their boss or other coworkers?

Storytelling is definitely a skill I personally have to work on a bit, and I can seee that it's helpful not only in business, but in life overall, as the described benefits from the video apply to many other situations.